Project Summary

We partnered with a forward-thinking startup to overcome challenges and achieve impressive outcomes. Our collaboration resulted in an innovative app seamlessly integrating traditional banking with modern financial tools. This groundbreaking solution goes beyond the status quo by incorporating cryptocurrency into the banking experience.

Project Details


The project was completed within 12 months. 


Programming languages: Python, Java, Kotlin, Swift

Additional technologies: React JS, Django, Kubernetes, RabbitMQ

Cloud platforms: AWS, Google Cloud

Client Challenge

The client, a well-respected name in housing finance, recognized the need to modernize and attract a broader customer base. They envisioned an innovative app that offered:

Unconventional Functionality: Seamless integration of fiat and crypto transactions within a user-friendly interface.

Real-time Information: Timely market updates to ensure users make informed investment decisions.

Robust Security: Unwavering adherence to financial regulations and industry-leading security practices.

In-Store Purchases: Ability to use crypto or fiat for purchases at participating vendors.


Evolt delivered a comprehensive solution encompassing several vital areas:

Fee-Friendly Banking: The platform eliminates many traditional banking fees, promoting cost-effective transactions.

Multi-Functional App: The initial version offered a suite of features, including:

Unwavering Security: Evolt prioritized user safety by:

Simplified Financial Processes: Evolt streamlined various financial activities:

Deposits: Users can easily top-up using SEPA, credit cards, internal transfers, or external crypto wallets.

Payments: Both fiat and crypto payments are facilitated through physical cards for traditional purchases, as well as QR code scans for GoCrypto partner stores.

Transfers: Internal transfers are simplified with user-specific QR codes or usernames.

Exchanges: Users can instantly exchange fiat for crypto and vice versa directly within the app.


The app empowers users with a centralized hub for all their financial needs. They can manage fiat and crypto seamlessly, enjoy convenient in-store purchases, and benefit from a transparent and secure environment. This innovative solution has positioned the client as a leader in the evolving financial landscape, attracting new customers and propelling them towards future growth.

Key Takeaway

Market Differentiation: A genuinely unique banking app that caters to the growing demand for crypto integration.

Enhanced User Experience: Streamlined financial processes and intuitive functionalities for a user-friendly experience.

Operational Efficiency: Improved execution of financial processes, allowing for a focus on growth initiatives.

Evolt is a global technology-agonistic house delivering cutting-edge solutions, products, and transformations.


Ljubljana, Slovenia

Sarajevo, B&H

Houston TX, USA