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Forget juggling team management and project deadlines. Evolt's Dedicated Engineering Teams are your elite software SWAT unit, seamlessly integrating with your internal team to craft brilliant solutions, faster.

Reduce your workload, not your expertise. Say goodbye to internal organization hassles and people management. Our pre-vetted engineers easily adapt to your workflow, bringing fresh perspectives and in-demand skills to tackle your toughest challenges.

Your project, your team, your rules. Build the perfect team you need, from hand-picked specialists to full-stack rockstars. Every member dedicates their focus solely to your project, available exactly when you need them.
Rely on us like your own, without the HR headaches. We handle recruitment, onboarding, training, and everything in between. You reap the benefits of a high-performing team without the management burden.

Tap into our talent pool of highly educated engineers, meticulously matched to your project's needs. Each member brings the perfect blend of experience and fresh thinking to ensure your solution soars.

What we cover


Craft cutting-edge financial solutions with confidence. Build secure, high-quality fintech solutions across the spectrum, from POS systems and banking apps to forex platforms, trading tools, and even neo-banking experiences. We ensure comprehensive compliance with all industry standards, giving you peace of mind to focus on innovation.

Enterprise Software Development

Transform your enterprise with custom software solutions. Our expertise extends to collaborating with major companies to streamline logistics, optimize internal workflows, manage transactions, and much more. From complex data integration to bespoke software applications, we tailor solutions to your unique needs and drive organizational growth.

Digital Transformation

Leave paper behind; embrace the future. Partner with Evolt to orchestrate your digital transformation journey, moving seamlessly from paper-based processes to a fully digitalized organization. We guide you every step of the way, unlocking increased efficiency, improved collaboration, and a competitive edge in the digital age.


Harness the power of blockchain: from crypto to charity and beyond. Our experienced team has tackled diverse blockchain projects, delivering industry-leading solutions for transparent, secure, and innovative applications. We've got you covered whether it's cryptocurrency development, secure transactions, or innovative charity platforms.


Revolutionize insurance with AI and smart tools. Let AI-powered analysis and predictive tools from Evolt empower your insurance business. Maximize efficiency, optimize claim processing, and enhance risk management with tailored solutions built to transform your operations.

Elly Wallet - New Concept of Crypto Wallet User Experience

Evolt built a secure, user-friendly, all-in-one crypto wallet app for a European payments company. This app streamlines crypto transactions, attracts new users, and offers a competitive advantage by combining buying, selling, holding, and spending cryptocurrencies in one place.


What Our Customers Say

Not just a partner; they are a vital part of our team! Evolt is proficient in all facets of software development; their work is exceptional, and communication has exceeded expectations. With Evolt, we could set up a fully functioning SaaS platform in months. Our organisation would not be where it is today without them. They excel in all areas, particularly at the most challenging issues. With constant communication and accessibility, we forget they are several time zones away.
Daniel Lebron
Founder at Afya Technologies Inc.
A robust congratulations to the team at Evolt for a job well done. We've been trying to assemble a functional solution for an extended period. We finally hired the Evolt team, who worked closely with us throughout the process, staying on task, on target, and budget. Working with a team with excellent tech talent, experience, and understanding of the newest technology and trends, such as Web 3.0 space and blockchain, is impressive and inspiring. I also appreciate their quick and courteous responses. I highly recommend their service!
Dejan Roljić

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