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Founded in 2018, we are an elite engineering team that crafts bespoke solutions for optimal workflows. There are no internal complexities, just enhanced performance and reduced costs. With headquarters in Europe and the USA, we aim to connect the world with expert-built solutions.

Our main priority is people because people prioritize results. Because of this, our partners trust us with their operations and know we can provide innovative solutions. We are proud of the elite engineering team we bring to the table, who carefully consider every situation and develop solutions that will benefit our partners the most.


Ideas to innovation, faster. We bridge the gap between your vision and your shelf. Our team can help scale your ambition, ensuring you thrives and your business takes flight. Let's turn your sketch into a masterpiece.


Stuck on a problem? Need a quick consultation, a project lead, or even a whole team of experts? We have your back.

Hire one or multiple specialists from our diverse talent pool to work on your solutions and build with confidence. 


Our engineers, armed with innovative technologies, turn your ideas into reality. Using agile methodologies, we craft tailored software that is functional, scalable, and high-performing. We are architects, building custom solutions that drive your business forward.


Prioritize proper security. We go beyond firewalls, building a fortress of trust around your products and data. Our DevOps engineers, some with over 20 years of expertise, don't just patch vulnerabilities; they proactively identify and mitigate risks, optimizing your infrastructure for efficiency and cost savings. 


Your product's success requires constant care and attention. Let us handle the technical complexities, freeing up your resources for core business activities. Our meticulous approach ensures not only longevity, but also dynamic adaptation to changing market demands. We do not just launch your product; we make it a resilient force in the marketplace.


Are you ready to unleash Web3's potential with us? We build secure and innovative Web3 solutions to transform your business and shape the future. Our team is prepared to craft a bespoke solution tailored to your business needs. 


Our AI and ML services are meticulously crafted to deliver the highest possible prediction accuracy and unparalleled model performance. We leverage the expertise of our AI team to ensure you receive the best results possible. Get ready to unlock AI's potential. 

Why Us?

Custom Software Solution that Drives Growth and Increases Efficiency

Olaplex, a leading haircare brand, partnered with us to create a website and app that would help them streamline operations and enhance user engagement. We delivered an innovative, data-driven solution that included a Pro Site & Content Management System (CMS), an Online Certification Platform, a unified Shopify/Pro App Account, a Centralized Admin Panel, Mobile Applications, a Store Locator, and a Reward System. This solution empowered Olaplex to reduce content update time by 50%, boost stylists' and consultants' expertise, increase user satisfaction by 20%, reduce management complexities by 30%, and strengthen loyalty.


Deployment automation: Simplifying CI/CD with a Modern Infrastructure

A client struggled with slow deployments and security concerns due to manual processes. Our team modernized their infrastructure with Terraform, GitLab, and EKS (Kubernetes). This automated deployments, improved security, and boosted scalability, allowing the client to focus on their core business.


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