Project Summary

Olaplex, a leading haircare brand, partnered with us to create a website and app that would help them streamline operations and enhance user engagement. We delivered an innovative, data-driven solution that included a Pro Site & Content Management System (CMS), an Online Certification Platform, a unified Shopify/Pro App Account, a Centralized Admin Panel, Mobile Applications, a Store Locator, and a Reward System. This solution empowered Olaplex to reduce content update time by 50%, boost stylists' and consultants' expertise, increase user satisfaction by 20%, reduce management complexities by 30%, and strengthen loyalty.

Project Details

Project Duration

This project was completed within 12 months. 

Technology Used
  • Programming languages: Python, TypeScript
  • Additional technologies: React Native, React JS, Shopify integration, Django, Kubernetes, RabbitMQ
  • Cloud platforms: AWS, Google Cloud


The hair care industry is flourishing, boasting an estimated worth of $91.60 billion in 2022 and projected to reach $147.49 billion by 2030. Within this booming market, Olaplex, a leading haircare brand, sought to solidify its position by empowering stylists, streamlining operations, and enhancing the user experience. Partnering with us, they embarked on a mission to create a comprehensive software solution addressing key challenges.

The Challenge

Standing out in the competitive haircare industry demands constant innovation. Olaplex identified several areas for improvement:

The Solution

We delivered a data-driven, customized solution tailored to Olaplex's specific needs:

  1. Pro Site & Content Management System (CMS): This dedicated platform offered exclusive content, educational resources, and wholesale pricing for verified stylists. An intuitive CMS empowered non-technical staff to make quick and seamless content updates, ensuring agility in a dynamic industry.
  2. Online Certification Platform: This user-friendly system simplifies learning with bite-sized quizzes, allowing stylists and consultants to quickly acquire and showcase their expertise through downloadable and printable certificates.
  3. Custom Single Sign-On: Users now enjoy a smooth, unified experience across Olaplex's platforms, enhancing engagement and satisfaction.
  4. Centralized Admin Panel: This robust hub granted complete control over user data, access management, user messaging, outreach, and other website aspects, significantly boosting operational efficiency.
  5. Mobile Applications: Native apps for iOS and Android offered convenient access to Olaplex's offerings, further amplifying accessibility.
  6. Reward System: This engaging feature fostered customer loyalty by rewarding purchases with redeemable points, solidifying Olaplex's market leadership.
  7. Fully Integrated Localization and Regionalization: Ensuring the platform catered to diverse audiences across languages and regions.

The Results

This solution empowered Olaplex to achieve significant outcomes:

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