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Evolt's Custom Software Development is your launchpad to market domination. Armed with cutting-edge technologies and agile methodologies, our engineers transform your brilliant ideas into high-performing software that scales with your ambition.

We're not just coders; we're architects of innovation. We build custom solutions that impress and fuel your business growth. Please consider us your trusted partners, meticulously crafting functional software and acting as a market magnet. Together, we'll sculpt a product worthy of applause.

Skip the research headache and focus on your brilliance. We handle market analysis, user research, and workflow perfection. You provide the vision; we unleash our magic. From efficiency-boosting internal platforms to user-centric NEO banks, we've got the tools to build your game-changer.

The best part? You're in the driver's seat. The process of custom software development is unique. We first conduct our research, set up a solution, and present it to you. We'll send an invoice when you're happy with the result and our setup, so you won't be charged anything upfront.

What we cover


Craft cutting-edge financial solutions with confidence. Build secure, high-quality fintech solutions across the spectrum, from POS systems and banking apps to forex platforms, trading tools, and even neo-banking experiences. We ensure comprehensive compliance with all industry standards, giving you peace of mind to focus on innovation. 


Harness the power of blockchain: from crypto to charity and beyond. Our experienced team has tackled diverse blockchain projects, delivering industry-leading solutions for transparent, secure, and innovative applications. We've got you covered whether it's cryptocurrency development, secure transactions, or innovative charity platforms. 


Revolutionize insurance with AI and smart tools. Let AI-powered analysis and predictive tools from Evolt empower your insurance business. Maximize efficiency, optimize claim processing, and enhance risk management with tailored solutions built to transform your operations. 

Enterprise Software Development

 Transform your enterprise with custom software solutions. Our expertise extends to collaborating with major companies to streamline logistics, optimize internal workflows, manage transactions, and much more. From complex data integration to bespoke software applications, we tailor solutions to your unique needs and drive organizational growth. 

Digital Transformation

Leave paper behind; embrace the future. Partner with Evolt to orchestrate your digital transformation journey, moving seamlessly from paper-based processes to a fully digitalized organization. We guide you every step of the way, unlocking increased efficiency, improved collaboration, and a competitive edge in the digital age. 

Custom Software Solution that Drives Growth and Increases Efficiency

Olaplex, a leading haircare brand, partnered with us to create a website and app that would help them streamline operations and enhance user engagement. We delivered an innovative, data-driven solution that included a Pro Site & Content Management System (CMS), an Online Certification Platform, a unified Shopify/Pro App Account, a Centralized Admin Panel, Mobile Applications, a Store Locator, and a Reward System. This solution empowered Olaplex to reduce content update time by 50%, boost stylists' and consultants' expertise, increase user satisfaction by 20%, reduce management complexities by 30%, and strengthen loyalty.


What Our Customers Say

Working with Evolt feels like working with close friends and family. They operate with strong values and genuine passion, which I appreciate in business. Business is all about people. It's about getting things done, meticulous preparation, forward-thinking, and total commitment. Evolt exemplifies this approach, and it makes all the difference.
Boris Smiljić
CEO & Founder of EleaTek
A development company with exceptional expertise, responsiveness and value for your investment. Our company works with several teams at Evolt, including Development (Web and Mobile), DBAs, DevOps and UI/UX. They play a pivotal role in our company and projects; we truly consider them part of our team. Their work deliverable is always excellent, and they know modern technologies. They are also very professional and align with the company's business goals and strategy. Their level of attention to detail and dedication truly sets them apart from other agencies out there.
Tiberiu Stanescu
Director, Cybersecurity & Infrastructure at Olaplex

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