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With PenTesting, you make sure that your system is bulletproof and that you will not encounter problems. Evolt DevOps team regularly does penetration testing to ensure all of the systems we work on are secure and reliable. Don't gamble with security. Evolt DevOps' PenTesting unearths and fixes vulnerabilities, minimizing risks for your systems. 

Project Details

Customised Solution

Each client requires a customised solution for his requirements and needs. 

In the fast-evolving digital landscape, the constant threat of cyber-attacks poses a realistic challenge to organizations worldwide. As technology advances, so do the capabilities of malicious actors seeking to exploit vulnerabilities in networks, systems, and applications.  

In this relentless pursuit of safeguarding digital assets, organizations turn to proactive measures, with penetration testing emerging as a pivotal strategy in the ongoing battle against cyber threats.  

What is a Penetration Test?  

A penetration test, a pen test, is a systematic and controlled simulation of a cyber-attack conducted on a system, network, or application. The primary objective of this ethical hacking endeavour is to identify and expose vulnerabilities that malicious actors could exploit. Penetration testing goes beyond traditional security measures by actively seeking weaknesses, providing organizations with a proactive means to strengthen their defences.  

What Approach Do We Use?  

Evolt conducts a tailored approach to penetration testing, recognizing that one size does not fit all in cybersecurity. Leveraging our expertise, Evolt embraces both Black Box Testing and White Box Testing methodologies.  

In Black Box Testing, we simulate an external threat, operating with minimal prior knowledge of the system's internal workings. This approach mimics the perspective of a potential hacker, evaluating how well an organization's defences can withstand an attack from an adversary without insider information.   

Conversely, in White Box Testing, our team conducts a comprehensive examination of the internal workings of the system, armed with extensive knowledge about the organization's codebase, network configurations, and overall architecture. This approach allows for a more in-depth assessment of the system's security, providing insights into external and internal vulnerabilities.  

This adaptive testing strategy ensures a nuanced understanding of their client's security challenges, allowing Evolt to deliver tailored insights for enhancing digital resilience.  

A Closer Look at Evolt's Approach  

Guided by the industry-recognized Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES), Evolt executes its penetration testing endeavours precisely. The PTES framework, embraced by Evolt, navigates the entire testing process — from meticulous intelligence gathering and vulnerability analysis to strategic exploitation, post-exploitation assessment, and comprehensive reporting. This methodology ensures that Evolt delivers a penetration test and a comprehensive roadmap for clients to bolster their cybersecurity posture.  

In the subsequent sections of this case study, we will delve into specific client scenarios, detailing how Evolt's penetration testing services have successfully identified and mitigated vulnerabilities and providing real-world examples of how organizations can enhance their digital resilience in the face of an ever-evolving cyber threat landscape.   

How we work    

Our general approach during this audit will be as follows:   


We attempted to gather as much information as possible about the target. Reconnaissance can take two forms: active and passive. A passive attack is always the best starting point, as this would typically defeat intrusion detection systems and other forms of protection afforded to the network. This usually involves discovering publicly available information through a web browser, visiting newsgroups, etc. An active form would be more intrusive and may appear in audit logs and be a social engineering attack.  


We used varied operating system fingerprinting tools to determine what hosts are alive on the network and, more importantly, what services and operating systems they are running. These services would be researched to tailor the test to the discovered services.  


With vulnerability scanners, web applications/systems are tested for vulnerabilities. The results are analyzed to determine whether any vulnerabilities could be exploited to gain access to a target host on a network.  

Manual inspections   

Manual inspections are human-driven reviews that test the security implications of people, policies, and processes but can also include inspection of technology decisions such as architectural designs. They are usually conducted by analyzing documentation or interviewing designers or system owners. While manual inspections and human reviews are simple, they can be among the most potent and effective techniques. Asking someone how something works and why it was explicitly implemented allows the tester to determine if any security concerns will likely be evident quickly.  

Penetration testing   

Penetration testing has been a common technique for testing network security for many years. It is also commonly known as black box testing or ethical hacking. Penetration testing is the "art" of testing a running application remotely without knowing its inner workings to find security vulnerabilities. Access would then be attempted using published exploits or weaknesses found in applications, operating systems, and services. This may be done secretly or by more brute-force methods.      

Key Benefits of Choosing Our Penetration Testing Services  

Engaging in a penetration test with us provides a myriad of strategic advantages tailored to fortify your digital resilience:  

Tailored Approach  

Our penetration tests are specifically crafted to address the unique characteristics of your business, ensuring a personalized and effective security strategy.  

Comprehensive Insights   

We deliver in-depth insights into your system's vulnerabilities, offering a detailed roadmap for addressing weaknesses and enhancing overall cybersecurity.  

Realistic Simulations   

Our testing methodologies emulate real-world cyber threats, providing a practical understanding of potential risks and allowing for proactive mitigation strategies.  

Expert Analysis   

Benefit from the expertise of our skilled, ethical hackers who navigate the intricate terrain of cybersecurity, identifying vulnerabilities and proposing robust defence mechanisms.  

Regulatory Compliance   

Leverage our penetration tests to stay ahead of regulatory requirements and ensure your security measures align with industry standards and compliance mandates.  

Cost-Efficient Solutions   

By proactively identifying and mitigating potential threats, our services contribute to cost efficiency, preventing the financial toll of a real cyber-attack.  

Business Reputation   

Enhance your business's reputation by highlighting a proactive commitment to cybersecurity, instilling confidence in clients, partners, and stakeholders.  

Continuous Improvement   

Our iterative approach allows for ongoing improvements, ensuring that your cybersecurity measures evolve alongside emerging threats and maintaining a resilient defence posture.  

Partnering with us for penetration testing is a security measure and a strategic investment in your business's long-term integrity and success. 

What we test  

Based on an initial interview, we evaluate the scope of testing such as:   

The penetration test report is provided at the end of penetration testing lists discovered vulnerabilities and mitigation steps.  

During the vulnerability assessment, a suite of automated tools (internal and third-party) will detect any known vulnerabilities within the application. Security engineers will review the scan results and try to exploit potential vulnerabilities.  

Penetration testing consists of semi-automated/manual testing, which will be performed to check application on several points, including:   

App DOS:   

Access Control   



Session Management   


Management Infrastructure   

Data Storage   

Input Validation   

Buffer Overflow   



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