Project Summary

Evolt crafts modern payment solutions. Their expertise is showcased in a POS system enabling traditional and cryptocurrency transactions, focusing on security and user experience. This case study highlights Evolt's ability to deliver innovative payment solutions that empower businesses to thrive in the ever-changing payment landscape.

Project Details

Project Duration

The project was completed within 7 months.

Technology Used
  • Programming languages: Python
  • Additional technologies: React JS, Django, Kubernetes, RabbitMQ
  • Cloud platforms: AWS, Google Cloud

Client Challenge

The client required a POS system to:


We have delivered a comprehensive POS solution with the following functionalities:

Security Measures


The Evolt-developed POS system empowers clients to offer their merchants a modern and versatile payment solution. The system simplifies payment processing, enhances security, and caters to the growing demand for cryptocurrency transactions.

Key Takeaways

  1. Payment Processing: Seamless integration with various payment methods.
  2. Cryptocurrency Payments: Secure and user-friendly crypto transactions.
  3. Security: Prioritization of robust security measures for data protection.
  4. User Experience: Development of intuitive interfaces for both merchants and customers.

Evolt is a global technology-agonistic house delivering cutting-edge solutions, products, and transformations.


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Sarajevo, B&H

Houston TX, USA